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Digital Badges – new and optional awards system

The Health and Safety Authority Open Badges awarding system is a way of recognising the achievement and completion by students of each unit of the HSA range of Choose Safety programmes. It awards a ‘digital badge’ to students who complete any of the six individual units and any of the four Choose Safety full programmes on offer. This may particularly suit students and teachers who don’t complete the entire programme but rather concentrate on some units. See below for further information on badges. Digital badges can sit on your social networking site, your on-line CV, your badge backpack or other on-line profile. Choose Safety certificates of completion and distinction are available in the normal way through your Choose Safety co-ordinator contactable through your local Education Centre.

What is a digital badge?

A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, competency or interest. Badges can be used to represent achievements, communicate successes and set goals. They can also support learning that happens beyond the traditional classroom.

Badges are a digital representation of the achievement. These are images that have extra information encoded into them which verifies course learning outcomes. The process for awarding badges is managed by the Health and Safety Authority’s badges portal.

Upon completion of one of the Choose Safety programmes, a Digital Badge can be awarded to the student in recognition of their increased understanding of health and safety at work. These will be awarded through the HSA Digital Badges portal. Further information on how to award digital badges is here.

Further information on Open Badges in general can be accessed at  https://openbadges.org/

What will students do with digital badges?

When students complete each unit of the HSA Choose Safety programme they can earn a badge. They can collect the badges earned in their own on-line backpack in order to use them to show and share learning to teachers, parents, potential employers and friends.

How do I award badges as a teacher?

Beyond the facilitation and assessment of the Choose Safety programme, the only extra commitment to awarding badges will be to create a list of the students who have completed the different Choose Safety Programmes and follow a few simple steps outlined below. For further queries on awarding digital badges, contact: educationunit@hsa.ie

Step 1 - Deliver the Choose Safety Programme in your class

The Choose Safety Programme is a free programme available in the Republic of Ireland to post-primary schools and colleges of Further Education. It introduces senior cycle students/students in further education to the principles of workplace safety and health.

If you are interested in participating in HSA Choose Safety programmes, contact Kilkenny Education Centre

Kilkenny Education Centre: 
Tel: 056 7760200 
Email: choosesafety@eckilkenny.ie

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Step 2 - Register to award the badges

Register on the Badge Awarding platform (link below) to issue badges to your students for the Choose Safety programme. You simply need to fill out a form detailing your name, contact details and the details of your school in the Republic of Ireland. The HSA Business and Education Support Unit will issue you with an account that enables you to award the badges to your students.

Once registered save your username and password so you can access your account in the future.

You can apply anytime throughout the school year 2020-2021.

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Step 3 - Award Badges

Once you have your account, you just need to add the emails of the students in the Upload Students tab of the Manage Badges page. The site will automatically create the student accounts and notify the students by email to log in and download their badge(s). After the student accounts have been created, you may easily award their relevant badge(s) in the Manage Badges Results and awarding page.

Digital Badges
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